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GFK-Toronto Lends a Helping Hand to Oakwood Collegiate!

A huge thanks to GFK!     As the music teacher at Oakwood Collegiate, I have the opportunity to work with kids from an amazing variety of backgrounds and socio-economic groups.  Some of my students go home to houses full of art and instruments and sports equipment and some simply…don’t.  Many of my students are living in difficult situations and could never afford to purchase an instrument of their own.  Dave and Doris at GFK have come through for several of my students with acoustic guitars, electrics with amps, and even a bass with its own amp!  The kids they have helped are so grateful for these amazing gifts and I get to see every day how much they cherish (and practice!) them. The givers, the luthiers, the deliverers, the teachers, and the students are forming a community that, without even meeting, is acknowledging with one voice the power of music to change lives.  I am so grateful to be part of this community!     Tim Locke, OCI Music

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